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Selectrix... a class of it`s own!

Selectrix is a digital system having a high transmission reliability, optional network structures, very small decoders, which can be adjusted quite easily and a standardized bus system. The bus speed of our Selectrix systems is unique, because it takes just 1 second to send the whole system information through the Selectrix bus 13 (!) times. The Selectrix system supports up to 112 addresses. All Selectrix components are, regardless of which manufacturer, compatible with each other to 100%.

It`s a question of philosophy for most railfans, which system for model railways fits best. That triggered a lot of fierce debates in numerous forums. We don`t want to discuss but to give essential facts why Selectrix is suited absolutely well to control digital model railways.

Selectrix is unique!

Selectrix is the only synchronous digital system being available all over the world. For that reason the bus speed reached can be extremely high.

Selectrix is unbeatably fast!

Selectrix provides by far the fastest data transfer protocol. Within Selectrix all bus information is transferred in 76,8ms. The system is therefore 7x faster than all the other digital systems (on 100 addresses/31 speed steps and 1460 commands/sec) existing on the market.

Based on its high speed the Selectrix system can also be applied for switching and signaling processes by use of the Selectrix bus (SX bus). Our system offers an exceptional reliability and safety in monitoring and operating model railway installations.

Selectrix is load-independent!

We would like to emphasise in particular that the bus speed remains constant and doesn`t depend on the number of bus systems as with other protocols. That results in a very strong system stability and operational dependability. In fact it makes no difference, whether only one locomotive is on track or 100 at the same time. After about 76 ms each locomotive gets its own commands. If you like, try to control more than 20 locos by means of another protocol- just for fun …!...

Selectrix is compatible!

The Selectrix bus has been standardized completely. This is enabled by the binding rules of European model railways NEM 680 and NEM 681: Therefore not only the Selectrix signal on the track, but the complete bus arrangement also and the communication between all single bus systems could be standardized! This is a huge advantage and significant difference in comparison to other digital systems, because the compatibility between products of Selectrix and those of other manufacturers can be doubtlessly guaranteed by virtue of that standardization. You can combine our products as required with Selectrix compatible accessories produced externally: Connect and you`re done!

TheSelectrixbus can be networked in any order!

There is normally a specific connection structure to be considered, if a digital system is used. That can for instance be a star or a ring. That rule however doesn`t apply to the Selectrix bus: The arrangement and wiring of all single bus systems is arbitrary. They can be extended by additional systems or components without changing the present set-up: Just connect the new module wherever you want.

Selectrixbus is inexhaustible!

You can assign a maximum of 112 addresses to effectively control about 100 locos at the same time on the track and additionally create as many bus systems for switching and signaling procedures as you want. Each address devides into 8 individually controllable bits. Therefore you can, for example, switch 896 points or monitor 896 block sections with 112 addresses in use, and this allows a controling of your model railway systems without limits to reach.

Selectrix is simple!

Every locomotive decoder only needs 5 values of initial adjustment to give its loco reasonable handling characteristics.

Selectrix is flexible!

In case you soldered in your locomotive decoder wrong: The connections for the motor, light and track can simply be exchanged by use of the extended adjustment values.

Selectrix is profound!

If you can not achieve your road behaviour desired with the available basic settings, additional features will be necessary. Just order our modern central units as for instance the central unit ZS1 to expand the decoder settings (new decoder family DHP) and the control response of the complete system.

Selectrix offers excellent handling characteristics!

The Selectrix Super-Soft-Drive (SSD)® allows a velvet-like starting of your trains, even at step 1, and enables a highly realistic starting behaviour and braking response. What more could a model train operator ask!?

The electronic Selectrix motor control uses best high-tech components; for instance a Selectrix- specific ASIC-Chip, developed by D& H! That chip contains more than 28.000 units on the incredibly small area of 2,3mm x 2,9mm- this technology is unique in the world! That puts D & H in the position to build smallest decoders meeting the highest technical standards with a motor control for electrical currents between 500 mA and 2 A.

Selectrix is a traditional brand!

In 1982 TRIX was the first major manufacturer presenting a digital, by use of microprocessors controlled system to move many model railways at the same time. This fully- configured system was called Selectrix and shown at a toy fair.

Selectrix is a complete system!

For each and every solution has Selectrix a solution to offer and is therefore the most complete System at all!

Selectrix is used by:

  • TU-Dresden - Fakulty of traffic sciences "Friedrich List", professorship for rail traffic, local public transport and regional transport services.
  • Training center of the Swiss Federal Railway (SBB) in Murten
  • Large facility "inclined plane" („Schiefe Ebene“) in the Steam Locomotive Museum in Neuenmarkt-Wirsberg

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